May 27, 2009


Check out that smile! This is Alec a sweet little boy with the cuteset smile I have ever seen!

May 20, 2009


I know I should not say this but I can't help myself....this is one of my absolute favorite students of all time! I know teachers are supposed to say they do not have favorite's and like everyone just the same....but they are lying through their teeth!
This is Dani, a girl that truly blows me away. I have had the privileged of knowing her since she was in Grade 7 and now she is about to graduate from Grade 12. Everything Dani touches turns to gold. She is an amazing artist, super athlete, extremely smart and to top it all of one of the nicest people I have ever met! I took Dani on an adventure today after was a little crazy but I did manage to get her home safely!

May 9, 2009


My husband and I live on a street that is filled with families and children. We are probably the only couple on the block with no kids. That said I had the opportunity to meet a wonderful new neighbor with some seriously adorable kids. The little boy and girl are brother and sister and the older girl is their cousin that was visiting from England.

May 6, 2009

Can you say CUTE!!!!!!!

I had the pleasure to shoot this awesome couple and their adorable little guy!!!! I seriously have never seen a baby this cute!

May 4, 2009

A Dear Old Friend

This is my old friend Allison. We have known each other since grade nine and in a couple of weeks she is going to be a Mom. The thing is that I know she will be one of the best mothers in the entire world!