July 30, 2009



Field of hope

I really have to get to bed however I wanted to post a few pics from my session this evening. This is Jenn........WOW, OMG can you say BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Jenn is sooo amazingly gorgeous it blows me away. I have actually known Jenn for a really long time as we grew up in the same neighborhood. The first time I met her I was probaly 10 0r 11 years old.......it blows my mind! Jen has two daughters and is expecting her 3rd in October.

July 22, 2009

Swoon is Up North for the Summer!!!!

Loving the summer here at Emma Lake!!!! I am still taking a few bookings in Saskatoon so please feel free to drop me line!

July 15, 2009


A few shots of Alec that I was editing last night. What a smile this guy has!
I will be back and forth between the Emma Lake and Saskatoon for the next few weeks so please feel free to contact me at swoonphotography@yahoo.ca if you like!

July 7, 2009

Moving to the Lake for the Summer!

 Last week when we went to the lake for the weekend we ended up buying a cabin. We are moving in on Wednesday and I will be shooting exclusively from the Emma Lake area for the month of July and most of August. If you are interested in having some fun photos done in the beautiful north please feel free to email me at swoonphotography@yahoo.ca
Emma, Anglin and Christopher lake locations available.
Mother Daughter
Best Friends
Just for fun!
Whatever the occasion let me know!


 Last week I did a mother daughter shoot with two beautiful girls.  I am still editing the pictures however I had to post a few of Avery. I brought along a few props and she was the best model ever! Sooooo cute and funny!

July 3, 2009

Off to the Lake!

I am packing up my camera,my mac and a few props and heading off to the lake for the weekend. If anyone is At Emma or Christopher lake this weekend drop me a line......I am ready to do some fun northern/Lake shoots!!!!! When I am not shooting, I will be editing and catching up......if I am not on the lake:)