August 20, 2009

Snippets from my wedding 1 year ago!!!!

This is the best wedding entrance I have ever seen! What a celebration of life and happiness. I love seeing people celebrate outside of the norm!

This got me thinking about my wedding which was just over a year ago. How quickly time flies when you are having fun. All of that planning down to the tiniest detail is all over in a flash. I would never trade it for anything as I loved the process of wedding planning. I love the wedding industry and I think that is what drove me to do what I am doing now. I connect with brides and what their day is really all about. I think I am going to start updating this blog with little wedding inspirations and sources that I found helpful when I was planning a wedding! Today I thought I would share a few details of my day.
-We had a cookie mother and my husband's mother baked our favorite cokkies and we displayed them in apothecary jars......a little twist on the candy jars as we had a kid free wedding and didn't think candy was appropriate! Photos by Forever Captured.
- Our guest book was a faux photobooth. We gave each gust a white board to write a message on and then had a friend take their picture in front of a fabric backdrop. The only problem was that it got dark out and we lost light hence the quality of the shots. This was soo much fun as you can see people were very creative and as the night went on the images/messages became very interesting........good memories!!!!
- We had our dance outside on a beautifl outdoor patio. The night was amazing it was the perfect tempature, there were no bugs (crazy for Saskatchewan) and it was really fun! I cannot post pics of my hubby on here as he is in law enforcement and cannot have his picture published so please excuse the back shots.....just wanted to share the idea!
- Oh and one idea a lot of people that I was crazy for.......I sold my dress.....YES a couple weeks after the wedding I had a girl drive here from Winnipeg and bought my dress. I ended up spending more on my dress that I thought was reasonable so I decided BEFORE I bought it that I was going to sell it and try to recover some of the costs! I actually advertised it on a few sites before the big day. Knowing that I was going to sell it from the beginning made it really easy to part with. I have all of these wonderful images to remember my hubby and I booked a trip to Mexico thanks to the sale of the dress! Dress photos by Forever Captured.
- My bridesmaid dresses are from JCREW. Jcrew has an amazing wedding section that is super affordable and VERY classy! I actually bought a wedding dress there before purchasing my dress....I sent it back as it did not look good on me......great dress just not on me!

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