October 29, 2009

More of this coming soon!


This is just a tiny peak into this gorgeous family shoot from last Sunday! Check out Avery's DIVA pose!!!!!

Family Shoot



I have known this couple for over 10 years and it was great to see their little sweet family last Sunday. We went out to the family acreage which I believe is the coolest place ever!!! We wandered around outside snapping shots until the kids were cold and had enough. That is one thing I dislike about our falls.......they are way to short!
Thank you Luke and Tracy for letting me shoot your wonderful family!
p.s. If you click on my flickr badge you can see the images full size if you are having trouble viewing them here. I know my blog collums are cutting off some of my images...I am getting it fixed soon!

October 21, 2009




Meet Ms.Haven! This little cutie pie is soooo pretty! She is a doll at only 6 weeks old!

October 17, 2009





Just a couple of quick images from this afternoon. Alex is beyond gorgeous!!!!!!

October 11, 2009

Sara and Gary


Yesterday I traveled down to Regina in the lovely October winter snow! I could not believe the weather...it was supposed to be a beautiful crisp fall day with wonderful shades of yellow, orange and red all around us. The only thing red was Sara's super cool wedding dress! This couple was really fun and I had a blast tagging along with them all day yesterday. They actually were married a week ago in Las Vegas and yesterday were celebrating with friends and family. Next week they are off to Thailand for another fabulous trip. These two really know how to do everything right...and with style!!!!
Thanks so much Sarah and gary for having me yesterday!


October 6, 2009

Swoon Photography in North Carolina for Christmas

My husband and I are spending Chrismas in North Carolina this year and i was hoping some of my blog readers would be able to help me out. We have never been there before and know nothing about it. We have heard that Asheville is amazing and other than that we are totally lost. This is my dream destination and I have no idea why. It is a place i have ALWAYS wanted to visit. I dream of huge old bed and breakfasts, southern charm and beautiful scenery. If you can help me out in any way as to where to go and what to do I would really appreciate it. Oh and I am planning on bringing my camera along so maybe I could come and photograph your lovely family!!!!!!
once again images courtesy of google...not swoon!

Fall sessions

My October is almost officially all booked up with Fall Sessions. I have a special on right now for $25 off the session fee. If you are interested please give me a shout ASAP!
image courtesy of google....not swoon:)

October 4, 2009