October 6, 2009

Swoon Photography in North Carolina for Christmas

My husband and I are spending Chrismas in North Carolina this year and i was hoping some of my blog readers would be able to help me out. We have never been there before and know nothing about it. We have heard that Asheville is amazing and other than that we are totally lost. This is my dream destination and I have no idea why. It is a place i have ALWAYS wanted to visit. I dream of huge old bed and breakfasts, southern charm and beautiful scenery. If you can help me out in any way as to where to go and what to do I would really appreciate it. Oh and I am planning on bringing my camera along so maybe I could come and photograph your lovely family!!!!!!
once again images courtesy of google...not swoon!


  1. Winston Salem is very nice too, and it's not far from Ashville

  2. I dont know a thing about where you are going but it looks amazing!! Have a great trip...hopefully we can get together before that haha!!!


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