November 19, 2009

Xmas pics with NO snow....wierd!!!!

Last night I went and shot my friend/neighbor Leica and her super cute family. We got together at 5:00 and shot for about 15 minutes. We ran out of light FAST and had to hurry hurry hurry. I must say I love my little concept above however I am not crazy about the quality of the pics due to the poor light. It is the middle of December and we have no snow, temps have been super nice and this is VERY unusual here. This is officially my only Xmas shoot of the season as I have NO time. This teaching full-time and shooting is keeping me busy and I am not making commitments I cannot keep. My hubby and I are off to North and South Carolina in 4 weeks and I do not want to be thinking about editing while I am away!!!

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  1. oooh Janna, we loved these pics. snow would have been cool though! thank you sooo much for doing these.


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