January 29, 2010

Big Changes

Well I am getting sooo excited for my wedding photography workshop coming up in Orange County California! I have a brand new camera waiting there for me when I arrive and I am soooo excited to start using it! It will be great to get out and shoot in some beautiful California sunshine.
I have been waiting to announce this until it was official and I guess now it is......Swoon Photography is moving to Meadow Lake Saskatchewan. Yep that is right do not adjust your monitor we are moving. My husband's job is taking us there this spring. Well I actually will not be moving until after the school year in June. I will be leaving my Art/Photography teaching job that I have been at for 7 years at the end of the year to join my hubby in Meadow Lake. I am born and raised here in Saskatoon therefore this will be a HUGE change for me and I am really excited and a little nervous.
That said I will be traveling all over Saskatchewan for my wedding season and I am still available to shoot in Saskatoon and surrounding areas until we move.

To new beginnings!!!!

January 23, 2010

Camera for Sale

I thought I would do a quick post to see if anyone is interested in buying my 7 month old Nikon D300 Camera. I am not letting go of it until the middle of February however I am looking to see if there is any interest out there.

D300 body only- $1200 obo
1. Nikkor 85mm 1.8 - $450
2. Nikkor 18-105mm- $340
3.Nikkor 5omm1.4 - $300

January 18, 2010

I am still here!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still here and still going strong. Life has been incredibly busy for me and things keep changing at a rapid pace. I am looking forward to my favourite season coming up......Wedding Season!!!! I am heading down to California next month for a workshop with an INCREDIBLE wedding photographer so I hope to learn a lot and bring back some great images for you all!
I am almost booked up completly for July and August however I do have some Spring dates available so please contact me sooner rather than later if you are getting hitched this year!
Have a wonderful day!
Image courtesy of we <3 it.