February 26, 2010

2010 Wedding Inspirations!!!

OK first and foremost if I were to be getting married I would wear THIS dresss. I do not know the designer although I will assume it is an Australian designer. Jasmine Star shot these at her workshop in OZ recently.

Oh speaking of J-Star yeah that's me right beside her. She has her arm around ME!!!! I went down to Orange County California a couple of weeks ago and did her Amazing workshop. I was literally star struck the entire time!!!!Jasmine and her husband are the ULTIMATE photography duo on the planet!!! Not only did they teach me a lot about photography, they taught me a lot about trying to be the best person you can possibly be!!! SO Inspiring!!!

Ok back to wedding inspirations. All of this inspiration boards are from Style Me Pretty and The Wedding Chicks.....except for the bottom 3 inspiration boars.....THOSE are extra-special!!!!

Courtney from C-Star events in Kelowna, BC actually has the BEST inspiration boards and I am not just saying that because she put me in over 3 of hers for RCMP inspired ideas!!!! Can you find me in them???? I tried to link her site 3 times to this post but I could not get it to work. Google C-Star events and I am sure you will find her as she is AMAZING!!!!

Black Wedding Dress

I had to post these pics of a gorgeous black wedding dress I found HERE!!! Is it not the most beautiful dress? Oh and I love the photography as well!!!!!

February 22, 2010

Anette & Kevin

Annette & Kevin
Annette & Kevin

Annette & Kevin

On the 13th of February I had the honor to drive to Watson to photograph Anette and Kevin's wedding. I have to say I was really touched by their story and how in love these two seem. They were in a very long distance relationship when Kevin up and drove over 22 hours to go and sweep Anette off of her feet. He brought her here to the freezing cold Saskatchewan weather yet the smile on her face shows that she could care less......as long as she has him to light up her life. I could feel the love radiating off these two all day. I was in awe of the way Kevin cherished Anette and I was so happy they let me share in their special day.

February 21, 2010



I am home from California and am posting a tiny sneak peak into the AMAZING workshop I went to. I am SUPER tired as my father and I drove home from San Diego over 3000 kilometers back to Saskatoon. I promise to write more soon and update with more pics and information!!!

February 12, 2010

Off to Cali......Very soon!

I cannot believe I am leaving for California on Monday! I am sooo excited about this photography workshop that I am going to. There are 20 photographers from around the US going and I think I am the only Canadian. We have all connected on Facebook and it has been wonderful looking at all of their work I feel so inspired.
Tomorrow I am shooting a wedding in Watson and I am really excited for a Valentine wedding:) I hope to post a few sneak peaks before i leave for Cali!!!!