March 10, 2010


I have been a bad blogger and I apologize. Life has been moving so fast for my husband and I right now. We are in the process of moving and relocating to Meadow Lake while I am staying in Saskatoon until the end of June to finish off the school year. My 2010 summer wedding season is completely full however I actually have a few dates in may and June open still. I am thinking of doing a little spring wedding promotion so stay tuned for more details.
I am really interested in doing some "day after sessions" with couples and brides. Essentially we get together on a day after the wedding ( does not have to be the very next day) and go out for a fun shoot. We can go out to off the beaten path locations that did not fit in due to the craziness of the actual wedding day. We are not afraid to get your dress a little dirty and your make-up and hair does not have to be totally perfect for 8 hours. It is a fun shoot where anything is possible. These pictures could actually end up being better than your actual wedding day pictures because all the nerves are gone and you are totally relaxed....oh and you get to ear your dress one more time!!!!
Contact me for further details if you are interested!!!

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