April 21, 2010

Ruby Sunshine

This is my little RUBY sunshine girl. Today she had a bath and has never looked better. I just had to share a couple of pics of her because I am so in love with her. My husband and I rescued her in October and ever since I feel so blessed to have found her. Anyone that knows me know that I LOVE DOGS with all of my heart......and it's true....RUBY has a BIG place in my heart. In fact my husband is a little scared for me to have this baby.....he thinks I might just set him/her aside and go off to play with the dogs and completely forget about the baby. One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is people that have babies and then choose to neglect their animals. People say "oh you will change" BUMP that!!!!I stay true to my commitments and have more than enough room in my life and heart for all!!!!!
I will post pics of my other pooch Benji once he gets a bath, he is a little grease ball right now!!!

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  1. I completely agree....those who have children who neglect their pets drives me insane. That's something I vow never to do. I really just don't see how that can possibly happen if you love your pet in the first place.


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